What do we expect from our members ?

1. Treat others with respect.

2. Help your guild members where and when you can.

3. Come at org raids, specialy Alien raids

4. Defend 175 -(minus) clan towers, if you dont have a twink in that pvp range then by scouting or buffing clan twinks

5. Come to all 175+ pvp wars.

Not following the rules ?

Not following the rules will result in a warning or org kick.
Advisors are allowed to kick org members.

1. Begging and constant whining.

2. Ninja looting.

3. Clan ganking.

4. Selling of guild-owned items.

5. Racism, sexism and abusive behaviour in general,unless its fun :p

6. E-baying, buying and selling credits, items or accounts on Ebay or similar.

7. Speaking too frequently with another langage than English in org chat

How do ranks work ?

  • Applicant: When you join the org.
  • Member: You will receive this rank after 2 to 4 weeks if all goes well.
  • Veteran: You will receive this rank if you work hard and dedicate some of your time to the guild.
  • Advisor: You will receive this rank if you work very very hard for the guild. You must have pvp twinks also to get this rank.

All the ranks in org are deserved you can be promoted or demoted depending of your actions...
You DONT get ranks because you good friend or Real friend of someone here.