What do we offer ?

  • Great guild with players experimented with the game (PVM and PVP).
  • 1 city ql 300 in the Longest Road and 1 city ql 300 Milky Way (Devil Inside and Demon Inside).
    1 is used for org raids the 2nd is for team farming and low lvl aliens.
  • We offer good contracts and towers since we are pvp oriented guild.
  • There is NO Org Tax, shop comission is 1% (the lowest we can).
  • We really help people willing to learn, help them get items and stuff to make them better.


1. Minimum Level to join Devil Inside is 205,or more with your main character, planning to level up fast.
2. You need to have Notum Wars Expansions, Shadow Lands and Alien Invasion or more (Lost Eden, Legacy of Xan).
3. You must have a good reputation among Clan players.
4. You must treat every member of our guild with respect.

How to get in ?

1. You will have to go to our Recruitment Forum here
2. Register with your ingame name on the forum (name of character you are applying).
3. You must have read, understood and accepted all our guild rules.
4. Then post a application in Recruitment Section here, based on the model that you can find in this topic.

Please keep in mind that your application represents you to our members. We dont all know you ingame so their vote depends by what you're typing there.

If you have any questions, you can contact :

  • Dark1947
  • Lifeline
  • Pharexys
  • Tamalou
  • Thell
  • Wonthealu