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Rules of conduct
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:37:39 AM »
Every DI members should be aware of these and stick to them at all times.

1. Ninja looting, scamming, antisocial behavior

Whether elitist or oddballs all DI members are required to behave in a socially acceptable way. You will not scam or attempt to scam others, you will not ninja loot, you will not harass or threaten other members of the community.

2. Unwarranted clan ganking

Assholes can be clan or omni, we do not frown upon clan ganking. However, we do not tolerate ganking of passive clans. If a clan explicitly asks you to not gank them then you are required to do so. And you will never under any circumstances gank a clan during Tarasque or Tower Wars.

3. Using what we refer to as 'bitch pvp tactics'

We fight omni to beat omni, we make twinks to beat other twinks. We do not stack auras to kill cts before omni can defend, we do not switch orgs to avoid opening our sites, we do not do 'teleport hit and runs'. We are DI, we win because we are superior in every way, from skills to gear to tactics and to understanding of the pvp game. If we are outnumbered or outskilled then we will fight and lose, but we will not be bitches about it. If you need examples of bitch pvp tactics then you can take a close look at any of the so called "omni pvpers" from Melchram to Melizabe to the whole of TU or to those aura stackers in "box of bunnies".   

4. English

Do you speak it motherfucker?

5. Breaking the EULA, engaging in discussions about breaking the EULA.

We don't tolerate stupidity.